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Is it possible to obtain Social Security/SSI benefits without an attorney? Yes, it certainly is. However, this is perhaps the most important financial decision a person will make in their life. For benefits that could total hundreds of thousands of dollars over a life time, it is prudent to obtain the help a trained, experienced Social Security attorney.

Experienced Social Security attorneys have deep knowledge of both the requirements to obtain benefits, and have the advocacy skills to improve the likelihood of receiving benefits. The Administration’s own statistics show that represented claimants have a higher success rate than those who aren’t represented.

Glen Cook has practiced law for over 37 years and handled over a thousand Social Security matters. I worked for the Social Security Administration. He has the knowledge to assist you.

Our fees are limited to 25% of the past due benefits. This means that if the attorney doesn’t obtain money, you don’t pay us anything. You know that we will do our best to obtain you the benefits you deserve.

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