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Our clients will often ask which of their illnesses/problems/impairments should they list for Social Security or SSI? The answer? All of them!

Social Security looks at both mental limitations and physical limitations. We need to know whether a client can perform skilled work, semiskilled work, or unskilled work. We need to know whether they are able to walk a great deal during the day, or only a little bit. We need to know whether they can use their hands and how much they can use their hands. We combine all of these limitations together to help determine whether there is work in the national economy which they can do.

Many times, claimants for Social Security know the impairment that is most limiting to them. However, that problem by itself may not be enough to rule out all work. We therefore look at all limiting factors.

This is one of the reasons to have an experienced Social Security attorney. For questions call Glen Cook, Social Security Attorney, 801-261-0674.