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Not Making Ends Meet Because of a Disability? SSI Law Can Help!

SSI is short for Supplemental Security Income. It is a resource-based program that pays monthly cash benefits to people who have a disability and who do not own much or have a lot of income. SSI is not just for adults. Monthly benefits may go to disabled children too.

Do I Qualify for SSI Benefits?

To qualify for SSI benefits, you must meet certain eligibility requirements, which can be confusing. You may be eligible for SSI if you are disabled and you have limited income and resources. Many physical and mental disabilities can make someone eligible for SSI.

At our Salt Lake City law firm, many of our clients have been incarcerated for long periods and have not been able to work. We have a number of clients who have spent a much of their adult lives in jail or prison. Many of them struggle with serious mental health issues that make it impossible for them to work. We help them get SSI benefits so that they can make ends meet.

Getting SSI benefits can be a lengthy process, and it helps to have an attorney go through that process with you. Studies show that people are more likely to be successful if they are represented by a Salt Lake Supplemental Security Income attorney.

Get Help from an SSI Attorney Serving Magna, Tooele, and Other Utah Locations

Lawyer Glen Cook can answer your SSI questions and help you get the benefits you need. To get started, call 801-261-0674. Calls are returned by the next business day.

No guarantee may be made as to success of individual cases. Clients are responsible for case costs only if they receive benefits.