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Social Security SSI and Disability Attorney in the Salt Lake City, UT, Area

Navigating the application process for social security benefits can be confusing and frustrating, but Glen Cook can make things easier for you. As an experienced social security SSI and SSD attorney who works in the Salt Lake City, UT, area, he’ll work with you one-on-one to get you through the process from application or appeal to acceptance.

Unbeatable Experience

Glenn Cook used to work as an attorney for the Social Security Administration, so he knows what the agency looks for and how to avoid mistakes that might lead to a rejection. Additionally, Mr. Cook will ensure that his experience as a social security attorney improves your experience as a client: he’ll work directly with you. With Mr. Cook’s personalized expertise, you’ll be on your way to victory.

Clear Explanations

When you apply for social security benefits, you need someone who can explain how to fill out the paperwork and how to take to get the financial support you need through the SSD or SSI program. Glen Cook will tell you the information you need to know in a straightforward fashion. You won’t have to confusedly wander through piles of paperwork anymore.

Whatever your physical or mental disability and wherever you are in Utah, come talk to us so you can get the help you need. We even help clients in parts of Colorado and Wyoming. Our evaluations are free, so call us today at 801-261-0674.