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Why should I have a licensed, experienced Social Security attorney?

The Social Security process is not user friendly. It has its own regulations; its own law; its own language. Even other attorneys will wisely refer cases to an attorney who practices in this area. Social Security’s own statistics show a greater success rate when someone is represented. 

People come to the Social Security disability process often overwhelmed due to illness and financial pressure, without adding the need to navigate this agency’s process, one which not all of its employees even understand. The disabled person may get a denial, but not know what to do next, or give up because they just can’t do anymore.   A Social Security lawyer can take over the day-to-day work on the case.  The attorney can gather the records and file the appeals in a timely manner. 

It important that it be an attorney who represents you.  You can find non-attorney “advocates” who will represent you, but they are not allowed to represent you in an appeal to the Federal Court, they are not trained in cross examination, and they still charge you the same fee as an attorney!  For such an important process in your life, you want to have someone trained and licensed to do the work. 

It is important it be an attorney experienced in the process.  When terms such as SVP, SGA, AOD, DLI, are tossed around casually in a hearing, you want someone who knows what is being said. 

When you are hiring an attorney, ask them these questions:

  • Will you meet with me before the hearing?
  • Will you draft a brief for the Administrative Law Judge?
  • How long have you been doing this work? 

This is your future.  Make sure you hire the most qualified person.