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For once, getting older is better. While Glen Cook represents people of all ages for Social Security Disability and SSI benefits, Social Security recognizes that the ability to use your previous job experience, education, and skills declines with age. This means that while someone aged 48 might not qualify for disability benefits, someone who is 55 might qualify for Social Security or SSI benefits with the same mental or physical impairments. These rules are set out in medical-vocational guidelines, sometimes called “The Grids.” Generally beginning at age 50, different rules are applied based on factors such as age, education, and past work experience.

It is important that you have a Utah attorney who knows the judges who make these decisions. Glen Cook, Social Security lawyer, has practiced law for over 34 years and was actually trained by the Social Security Administration! He has averaged over 100 successful Social Security and SSI claims a year since 2006 and has gone to over a thousand disability hearings. He understands how to evaluate your mental or physical impairments, your age, your past work experience, and your transferrable skills in arguing before a judge that you qualify for Social Security and SSI benefits.

Make sure you have an experienced Utah attorney represent you in your disability hearing. Contact Glen Cook, Social Security attorney, for a free consultation regarding your Social Security Disability, Widow’s Benefits, Children’s Benefits, or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) case. You don’t pay us a dime unless you get money—and we put that in writing.